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Grading Permit
1. Permits — Exceptions.
A. Required. No grading shall be commenced in the City, except as hereinafter provided, without first obtaining a grading permit.
B. Not Required In Certain Cases. No grading permit shall be required for the following classes of grading operations:
1. Building Permit. Under provisions of a duly issued building permit where no grading is involved except excavation for the basement or footings and the backfilling thereof and there is no filling in excess of five hundred (500) cubic yards.
2. Incidental Excavations, Grading Or Filling. Excavation and removal of excavated material and filling provided such operation is clearly incidental to the improvement of the property, consists of not more than fifty (50) cubic yards of material and the area is graded and covered by revegetation or other suitable means immediately thereafter.
3. Excavation For Streets And Drains. Necessary grading or removal or excavation of soil or other material within the limits of the right-of-way or slope rights of any existing street or for the purpose of constructing streets and other related improvements within the area of new subdivisions when made in accordance with approved subdivision plans and for which the appropriate permits have been issued for street and drain construction.
4. Other Construction Work. Construction work relating to drains, utilities or sanitary sewer systems for which a street opening or other necessary permit has been issued by the City.
5. Farming. The lawful use of land for farming, nurseries or gardening or similar agricultural or horticultural use whenever there is substantial compliance with recommendations or standards of the local soil conservation authority.
6. With the exception of farming, Section 540.050: Principles And Standards through Section 540.110: Definitions shall apply to all construction and earth moving activity regardless of permit requirement.
2. Application Procedure.
A. Application for a grading permit shall be made by the property owner or his/her authorized agent and shall be made to the City Engineer on forms provided by him/her and shall be accompanied by a detailed statement of proposed work, the purpose thereof and why the excavation, grading or filling is clearly incidental to the improvement of the property. An application shall be accompanied by the following:
1. Two (2) sets of maps and plans with specifications showing proposed excavation, grading or filling. Such plans shall be prepared by and shall bear the seal of a licensed engineer, or other professional as required by Chapter 327, RSMo. All such plans shall be drawn to a scale of not less than one (1) inch equals one hundred (100) feet and shall show the following:
a. Full name and address of owner of property;
b. Designation of property by street address;
c. The location of the premises and its geographic relation to neighboring properties showing all buildings and roads within one hundred (100) feet of the boundaries of the plot on which the excavation, grading or filling is proposed;
d. The portion of the property that is to be excavated, graded or filled with excavated material;
e. The estimated maximum quantity of material to be excavated, graded or filled and the estimated part thereof that will be used for grading or filling;
f. The location of any sewerage disposal system or underground utility line, any part of which is within fifty (50) feet of the proposed excavation, grading or filling area and the location of any gas transmission pipe line operated at a maximum service pressure in excess of two hundred (200) pounds per square inch gauge, any part of which is within one hundred (100) feet of the proposed excavation, grading or filling area;
g. Existing topography and grade of the premises at a contour interval of not more than two (2) feet and the proposed final contour and finished grade elevation at intervals of not more than two (2) feet; except that whenever the existing grade is extremely steep and hilly, the contour intervals may be not more than five (5) feet, if approval is first secured from the City Engineer;
h. The location and present status of any previous permitted grading operations on the property;
i. The details of any drainage system proposed to be installed and maintained by the applicant, designed to provide for proper surface drainage for land, both during the performance of the work applied for and after the completion thereof;
j. If the proposed excavation or filling is for the purpose of constructing a lake or pond, the details of the proposed dam or other structures and the embankments intended to impound the water, together with the details and locations of the proposed discharge to a valved outlet for drainage purposes and the proposed level of any impounded water;
k. Erosion and Sediment Control Plan;
l. The proposed truck and equipment access ways to the work site;
m. The flow lines of surface water drainage, streams and any existing farm drains, inlets and outfalls, springs or other flowing wells, and width of stream beds or flowage lines;
n. A comprehensive drainage plan designed to handle safely the surface water, streams or other natural drains following heavy rain storms during grading operations;
o. Proposed debris basins, grass waterways and diversions;
p. A statement from the property owner or his/her agent assuming full responsibility for the performance of the operation as stated in the application. This statement shall also contain an assurance that all City property or City roads will be protected adequately.
q. The requirement for engineered drawings may be waived by the Public Works Director for excavations of less than one hundred (100) cubic yards total (sum of cut and fill) where other regulations do not require engineered drawings.
2. For excavations, grading or filling requiring a permit, the permit fee shall be twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per permit or plan set. This charge is not refundable.
3. The provisions of Chapter 430: Subdivision and Improvement Standards, Article IX: Required Improvements And Guarantees, shall be deemed to apply to any excavations, grading or filling activities that require a permit from the City.
4. The applicant shall submit with the application a statement showing estimated time lapse of rough grading, finished grading and revegetation.
See Chapter 540: Erosion and Sedimentation Control Regulations for more detailed infromation.
See Permit Information for more information.
Application Materials
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document icon Summary Table of Application Procedures Table 405.010, Summary Table of Application Procedures, lists the applications authorized by this Chapter and application-specific requirements from Articles III through VIII for preapplication meetings, public hearing notice, review and decision-making bodies, and expiration of approval. The table also lists cross references to related applications authorized by and subject to requirements of other chapters of the Municipal Code.

In the event of conflict between the application-specific procedures in Articles III through VIII and the requirements summarized in Table 405.010, Summary Table of Application Procedures, the application-specific procedures and requirements in Articles III through VIII shall govern.