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Right-of-Way Permit
1. Permits Required.
A. Except as otherwise provided herein or for an emergency, no person, service provider, contractor, subcontractor or right-of-way user shall perform excavation or work in the right-of-way without a right-of-way permit. A right-of-way permit shall be approved by the City after submission of an application and only if the applicant has satisfied the requirements of this Chapter. The permit form and application shall be prepared by the City Public Works Director and be available to the public and shall require such information as is necessary and appropriate to enforce the requirements and policies of this Chapter. The City shall not be subject to this requirement provided that all other applicable requirements of law are satisfied.
B. Property owners shall bear all responsibility for the maintenance of landscaping, sprinkler systems, decorations, and any other appurtenances of the adjacent property owner's land use installed within the right-of-way and ensure that these do not threaten the public safety and will remove these items at no cost to the City immediately on demand of the Public Works Director. Non-governmental signage or permanent structures shall not be permitted pursuant to this Subsection.
C. Mailboxes and/or driveway aprons damaged or removed by City projects will be restored as nearly as practicable by the City. Other right-of-way users must restore mailboxes and driveways at the completion of their work.
2. Permit Fees.
A. Except as otherwise expressly provided in this Chapter, before any permit required by this Chapter is issued by the Public Works Director, the applicant therefore shall pay a permit fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) for each one hundred (100) linear feet of excavation or part thereof, fifty dollar ($50.00) minimum.
B. The Director of Public Works may waive permit fees for work associated with City projects and other activities sponsored or funded by the City.
Application Materials
You may also need:
document icon Summary Table of Application Procedures Table 405.010, Summary Table of Application Procedures, lists the applications authorized by this Chapter and application-specific requirements from Articles III through VIII for preapplication meetings, public hearing notice, review and decision-making bodies, and expiration of approval. The table also lists cross references to related applications authorized by and subject to requirements of other chapters of the Municipal Code.

In the event of conflict between the application-specific procedures in Articles III through VIII and the requirements summarized in Table 405.010, Summary Table of Application Procedures, the application-specific procedures and requirements in Articles III through VIII shall govern.